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There is the simple pride of a job well done or the pleasure of watching the success and accomplishments of those you love. Without a doubt an over inflated ego, is something to be avoided at all costs. True humility and being humble are a blessing.

Without sacrifice, there is no love. St. Maximilian Kolbe Feast Day is August 14

....A faster endeavors to liken his soul to the nature of spiritual beings. Through silence and continual fasting a man sets himself apart so as to perservere in his divine labor within his hidden self...The saints, however, did not dare to converse with God or raise themselves toward His hidden mysteries, unless their limbs were weak, their color pale by reason of gnawing hunger, and their intellect quiet in its perceptivity through renunciation of every earthly thought. St Isaac the Syrian

It looks like it's attributed to 'St Hermas, one of the Seventy', but I cannot verify this.

This may seem anti-faith, & I'm sure for Sagan it was, but insofar as belief can be said to lead to knowledge, it's a motto that could be adopted by a Christian without much trouble.