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There faces in the last one tho

This still makes me laugh. Can we talk about how scared Mish looks.

Jensen smells like coriander and leather.

Jensen smells like coriander and leather. I'm not even gonna ask our fandom just knows apparently.

Having 666 episodes would be great with me (let the show never end!)

Dude Jensen, there's 12 seasons on Netflix. You're over half way there.

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It was not worth it!!!!!! They loved him so much and he took that away from them!!!!!! I am so mad at Dean because of this.

I hated when he had to do this. I'm not super good at empathy all the time but when I imagine being forced to keep the love of my life safe by making them completely forget me, it breaks my soul.


Woah~ I would pay to see them kiss in an AU version. Gosh I blame SPN for just derailing the shipper in me.

They just keep getting hotter, if they get any more hotter they might explode into a big ball of fire!

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