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Train more by replenishing lost nutrients without the unnecessary sugary drink. When you sweat you lose critical electrolytes essential for cell communication and fluid regulation. Just a slight loss of fluids can negatively impact your performance and lead to cramps. Our blend of crucial electrolytes magnesium potassium calcium phosphorous sodium replenish these lost nutrients and help you train harder without the nonsense. #trainmore

"To become a Lion you must train with Lions." ATH fam @gianigrippo // #athohana // Tag your training partners that help push you to be better //

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Gianni Grippo's Road to ADCC full workout is posted on our blog. Gianni trains his S&C at Gun Club Brooklyn with @greg__ramirez. Greg was kind enough to give us an all access peak into the kind of workouts he puts Gianni through to prepare him for ADCC. DAY 1 Warm-Up= jump rope x 10 min Dbl racked walking lunge x 5/5 Body wt jump lunge x 1/1 Dbl push-press x 8 Dbl suitcase ROM DL x 8 Dbl kb/db bent row x 8 RUS triangle x 8 (C) prisoners stretch x 1/1 x 4 rounds Med ball complex: Side…

Let's get it! // #HempGold Cocoa Bars 11grams of plant protein // for those who train // free shipping on orders over $50 at //

"Very few people change for worse when they train Jiu Jitsu" - Fabio Santos // #legend