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Red Cross is using Texts to Take Down Ebola from NPR

Working with the government, the Red Cross sends 2 million texts a month to people in Sierra Leone, reminding them to wash their hands, take their temperature and protect themselves from Ebola.

Ten great facts about America Farmers

USA Farm Stars appreciates farmers and all of the sacrifices they make in an effort to feed the USA. Take a moment to thank your local farmer today!

How big is Africa? Map showing the true size of Africa, it's bigger than you think. Here's a map of Africa to illustrate how large the continent really is. The US, Europe, China and Japan can all fit comfortably. It helps to figure out exactly what 30,221 square kilometers looks like.

Maps of Africa

We've seen this comparison made before, albeit never as lucidly as this. Behold: major countries of the world, overlaid atop an outline of the positively giant African continent.

World Population (video) This short video (about 7 min) graphically represents world population growth from 1 A.D. to (projected) 2030, using dots on a map of the world. It may be a little boring for some students, (so you can always speed up the slower parts), but especially when you get to the 16th century and beyond, it’s eye-opening.

A graphic description of world population growth from 1 A. World Population (Millenium Edition) was produced and copyrighted by Population Connection (form.

Immagine correlata

Immagine correlata

17 países celebran bodas gays más de una década después del primer matrimonio gay (INFOGRAFÍA)

17 países celebran bodas gays más de una década después del primer matrimonio gay (INFOGRAFÍA)

The #EU wants to reduce #greenhouse gas emissions. For this reason an important plan named #Europe2020 has been approved, which aim is to develop new growth throug sustainable and smart #jobs. Get to know more about Europe 2020 at http://one-europe.info/in-brief/greenhouse-gas-emissions-in-eu

Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the EU

Strongest Democracy Countries In The World (Infographic) | uCollect Infographics

This info graphic depicts on strongest democracy countries in the world. Norway is in top position with democracy score. Sweden is in second pos

The U.S. Cities With the Highest Levels of Income Segregation - NYC Metro at #3!

The U.S. Cities With the Highest Levels of Income Segregation

Check this map out if you wanna work in the good ol' USA in the near future! Maybe I'll use my GIS skills to make a Canadian map like this.

Saving children from pneumonia, diarrhea, malaria, complications during children with vaccinations, nutrition and maternal care.

USAID is partnering with several U. government agencies and global leaders in child health to help save 5 million children between 2010 and 2015 by ensuring a healthy start to life and working to end preventable child deaths.

The United States is seeing a growing population of same-sex couples and marriages. Iowa and Illinois are surrounded by states who have the fewest rights for same-sex couples.

The Geography of Gay Marriage

80% of all the packaged food in the US uses crops that have been Genetically Modified.

Infographic: All The Genetically Modified Food You’re Eating