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Knopen vrij maken!

Help the children make their own 'brushes' for painting.... pictures best done flat on table or even better on a large scale outside! LH

Need to clean up my craft room so I can spread out all my materials and get inspired again. I have a wall I for which I want to create my own quilted hanging.

Get children to copy photos which I took using shapes I have in my class. I'm thinking about using idea with real objects, construction etc. Iwanted children to copy pictures made from 2d shapes but needed them to look exactly the same so I just made my own. I'm then going to have a camera available and ask the children to make their own pictures and take a photo and I will then print those for the children to copy. This will add a technology strand and make a nice display.

I have been making my own fabrics using paintsticks and creating abstract landscape patterns. I made a series of small wall hangings using this technique and on some of these pieces I...

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