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If your like me then your feeling the rise of costs everywhere, whether its the gas pump or at home with your Com-Ed bill. Most Americans are...

Koch brothers, big utilities attack solar, green energy policies

Fossil fuels are responsible for climate change and the resulting weather extremes and rising oceans. Oil gluttons are so immersed in their own greed they refuse to embrace alternate energy as it might impact the billions they collect at the gas pump.

The car that runs on FRESH AIR

Gas is inserted into the car’s tank just as you might use a petrol pump, and then, through the wonders of a fuel cell — which produces a chemical reaction between the hydrogen and oxygen in the air — it is converted into electricity, which in turn powers the car

Renewable energy from rivers could replace gas in homes

Energy Resources: fossil fuels, nuclear power, solar power, wind power, tidal power, hydroelectric power, pumped storage, wave power, geothermal power, biofuels. Includes online quizzes, worksheets, and exam questions!

renewable heating options available to help make your home more efficient - which one will you choose?

Countries that lead the switch to clean energy will reap the financial rewards

Solar filling station. An antique gas station pump converted to provide solar powered charing for electronic devices. Taken March 8, 2015, Davis, California.Solar energy power solar power PV photovoltaic "Solar Fillin