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Macrauchenia, they lived during the late Pleistocene in South America and went extinct roughly years ago.

The 20 Biggest Prehistoric Mammals: Biggest Terrestrial Carnivore - Andrewsarchus (2,000 pounds)

The 20 Biggest Prehistoric Mammals

Procoptodon is a giant kangaroo that browsed the Australian bush and it's the largest kangaroo ever to have lived and may still be alive. The " demon kangaroo" is a dog eating giant kangaroo that lives in the USA. Maybe procoptodon  evolved a carnivorous lifestyle?

El canguro gigante de cara corta

Procoptodon goliah was a giant kangaroo that lived in Ice Age Australia, the largest kangaroo which ever lived

Titanis hunting down Hipparion

That's a Terror Bird (Phorusrhacid) running down a pleistocene horse.

Macrauchenia | Impression de l'article : Macrauchenia Figurine à Jouer - La Boutique ... | Became extinct about 8,500 years ago.

The Macrauchenia prehistoric mammal model which was part of a prehistoric mammal model series made by Schleich. I wonder maybe Tapir came from this mammal.

Hyaenodon by Heinrich Harder (1858-1935)

Hyaenodon ("hyaena-toothed") is an extinct genus of Hyaenodonts, a group of carnivorous creodonts of the family Hyaenodontidae endemic to all continents except South America, Australia and Antarctica Wikipedia,

Bramatherium is an extinct genus of giraffe that ranged from India to Turkey in Asia.

Bramatherium is an extinct genus of giraffe that ranged from India to Turkey in Asia. There might be a migration route between India and the Black Sea.

Selection pressures on early humans included evading large predators such as sabre-toothed cats.

Sabre-toothed cats considered our ancestors to be cat chow.

Machairodus Giganteus by on @DeviantArt

Ok,Here is my latest Machairodontine cat! The magestic Machairodus giganteus,with m at the shoulder and about m body length, is undoubtedly one.