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Nimbadon by Peter Schouten The long-extinct Nimbadon was the largest arboreal marsupial herbivore ever to have lived and it was well suited to life in the treetops

Diprotodon optatum These creatures, the largest marsupials that ever lived, roamed Australia. Some scientists have suggested that stories of the supernatural 'bunyip' creature in Aboriginal folklore could be based on diprotodonts.

Mammoths of the Ice Age - Look and Learn History Picture Library

Procoptodon, also known as the Giant Short-faced Kangaroo. It lived in Australia and went extinct with other Australian megafauna after humans reached Australia 50,000 years ago. Procoptodon, Peter Trusler

Propachyrucos and Cainotherium by WillemSvdMerwe

Panthera leo spelaea by RomanYevseyev


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Aug. 12, 1883: Quagga’s Extinction a Nasty Surprise

Quagga | 1883: The quagga goes extinct when the last of these South African ...

Diacodexis lived from about 55 to 46 million years ago and fossils of it were found in Europe, America and Asia. it's difficult to be certain about the species that existed. It was at any rate a small critter, 60 cm/2' long in total of which the long tail made up a good part. It had fairly long legs and was probably a good runner, although the artiodactyls that came later became much better adapted at running and leaping.