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Arab League backs battling Islamic State -

Articles: PsyWar: Militant Islam's Worst Enemy | 3.6.15 | "The Islamists have enjoyed a long run in which they have directed the most hateful imaginable propaganda and violence against Jews, Christians, Hindus, and the wrong kinds of Muslims." "A brief history of PsyWar, and its decisive effectiveness over the centuries, should instruct the reader how to use it against Islamists throughout the world." "The bottom line is, however, that the conduct of ISIS, Hamas, al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, and…

How Northern Nigeria's Violent History Explains Boko Haram

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One of a series of photographs depicting young men from Infanterie-Regiment Freiherr von Sparr (3. Westfälisches) Nr.16 / Fritz Limbach | Small 90mm x 60mm photograph. One of a series of photographstaken by private Fritz Limbach, depicting young men from Infanterie-Regiment Freiherr von Sparr (3. Westfälisches) Nr.16. Not taking any chances, this fellow is using the same rudimentary trench periscope to observe enemy activity. He is armed with three Stielhandgrana...

Islam ..the spirit of anti-christ - -- If you haven't seen this before, please check out some great videos on this

Bible College, Churches Shut Down As Boko Haram claims Territory In NE Nigeria - At least 350 Christians killed in the past week, church leaders say - Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau. Portrait of a Piece of evil