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This plant was huge when I spotted them, the next day I didn't have one piece of parsley,I thought to my self where did it all go ,they couldn't of eaten it, needles to say I googled it,they love parsley,and since they were little, they needed food,I still can't believe I did this,I went to stop an shop an bought tons of parsley.they were happy! I put a net over them an saw them turn to butterfly's truly amazing!

Pretty butterfly

I have pulled thousands of these through out the yrs, when I planted them I thought they were cute it has a sm violet flower,there literly all over my yard and on its way to my neighbors on both sides!

Umbrella sedge plant was 5 inches tall when I bought this,now look at it,amazing how fast it grew

Let me tell you about this catapillar,he is one of 6 that made there home on my parsley plant,isn't he cute and I love the colors.look at the next pin

Strolling thru the yard,

2hummingbirds just hanging out,to cute,I love watching them

Groundhogs Plants,It S,Hummingbirds,That,Fun,Things

There's piles on every inch of my lawn

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