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Trolley Square, The Old Spaghetti Factory

Trolley Square, The Old Spaghetti Factory

rotary push mower, I remember my father using one of these before the gas mower, and my grandmother still using one in her 80's!

A reel rotary push mower was the first mower we had.later came the gasoline powered ones we used to keep our yard cut.--It took 3 days to mow our yard. I hated the back yard--it had a slight hill--very hard work. For gas power!

Mickey Mouse Disco *

Mickey Mouse Disco

Mickey Mouse Disco *

Y'know, if he's going to spring a surprise guest on her, it serves him right to have to choke down a TV dinner.

Swanson TV dinner in a foil tray. Sunday night-TV tray-Wild Kingdom-Wonderful World of Disney.

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Mattel TUFF STUFF Shopping Shopper Cart Rare 70's Toy Preschool

Mattel Tuff Stuff Shopping Cart and Food.that plastic food was indestructible

The Incredible Shrinking Woman. I still watch this any time I catch it on tv =)

Lily Tomlin -The Incredible Shrinking Woman. Galaxy Glue, Galaxy Glue, life would go to pieces without galaxy glue.

Captain Kangaroo is an American children's television series which aired weekday mornings on the American television network CBS for nearly 30 years, from October 3, 1955 until December 8, 1984, making ... Wikipedia First episode: October 3, 1955 Final episode: December 8, 1984 Network: CBS Theme songs: Here Comes Captain Kangaroo, Good Morning, Captain, Captain Kangaroo Theme Song, Puffin' Billy, Wake Up Program creators: Bob Keeshan, Bob Claver

Bob Keeshan and comedian Nipsey Russell in the Treasure House on the television program Captain Kangaroo.

Old School School Boxes. Remember how excited we'd get at filling these for the new school year???

Cardboard pencil/crayon boxes for grade school. They were great, until the lid got pushed into the bottom and you could not get it back out!

The sign for the Ute Drive-In, Midvale, Utah

Old Ute Drive-in on State Street and 7800 South in Midvale, Utah

Excellent movie starring Jodie Foster, Martin Sheen and Scott Jacoby.  An oldie but a goodie!

The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane [PG] 91 mins. Starring: Jodie Foster, Martin Sheen, Alexis Smith, Mort Shuman and Scott Jacoby

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Barbershop at 44 E. 100 South in Salt Lake City, Utah, In 1905 a haircut and shave cost 35 cents.

The statues scared me as a kid, but I loved the food. One of my fondest memories.

Interior- The Tampico - Our courtship officially began here in

A familiar sight around Salt Lake throughout my whole childhood, and into college life as well.

A familiar sight around Salt Lake throughout my whole childhood, and into college life as well.