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My Stan B!

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Maltese/Shih Tzu mix. Exactly what Beasley looked like as a puppy. Except he's only black and white.

Shih Tzus are very adaptable, suited for anything from apartment living to a sweeping countryside home. Find out more about this dog breed. #ShihTzu

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12 Dog Breeds Perfect for Condo & Apartment Living .... hey, they forgot SHIH TZUS

9. Shih Tzu: This regal-looking companion is small in size and maintenance. She doesn’t need much room to move around in. As long as she’s pampered, she’ll be happy. Shih Tzus aren’t a high energy dog, so you won’t need to make many daily trips outdoors for walks. If you don’t mind grooming all that hair, this may be the perfect apartment dog for you.

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