Bed alarm = exercise lol so true

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That aint funny yall!

Let me ask you a question... What type of insurance do you have? Private pay. Ummm I would just get comfortable ok sweetie. Do you need some ativan to calm down?

If I had a dollar for every time I got asked about the doctors coming by.

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Photo (Sh*t Nurses Say)

What I love even more is when they set their alarm on their phones so they know exactly when it's been 2 hours.god forbid they fall asleep and I didn't just bring it to them. this is soon true


Always at shift change!

OMG, patient teaching for me now includes how to intelligently search for info. on internet

Dear Over Involved Family Member, Just because you read it on Wikipedia doesn't mean it's true!

and you are silently screaming – “blaaarrrghhh!!”

It's like there are cameras watching me at work. story of my life!

you know youre a nurse ifs are so funny! oh-so-funny

This happens, a lot!

I hate being Charge Nurse!

Best. Discharge. Instructions.  EVER.

Solid medical advice.

Special Medical Advice This is just too awesome!

Nursing Humor

Murphy's Laws of Nursing show the day in day out life a nurse deals with every day. With this collection we're looking for nurses to add their own laws to the list.

Haha..YES..have had to call or find a Resident about a certain med or dose..and even time they ordered a medication for! Saved many of A$$es over my years..-kjm

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Shift work

Shit nurses say.

Oh my gosh, yes! I do this all the time and feel so bad if I forget to get one of my residents something! #alwaysacna #scrublife

Nursing Humor--but seriously! This happened all the time when I worked in the hospital!

The first time I had 744... nobody knew her actual admitting diagnosis anymore

nobody knew her actual admitting diagnosis anymore

Truth!  Nurse humor.

Hahahaha Michelle remember the one time I said this when I was a med student working the night shift at Lankenau L&D? The other nurses shot me daggers with their eyes! Now I'm a total freak about tips food health naturally