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Plants don't want to live with me.

Maxine: How do I always seem to find the plants without the will to live?

Can one ever have too much yarn???

Free Crochet Afghan Patterns, Projects, How-To Crochet Afghans, Videos and More!


Cross stitching is art, thus there are no rules. In other words, there is no one stopping you from diligently sewing gangsta rap lyrics onto delicate fabric to display over your hearth.

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Please dress appropriately for your body/age/situation/company. Thank you.

Funny Baby Ecard: Taking a Shower: A mom's brief moment to be free of spit-up, solve the world's problems, be the best singer eve.


Do It Yourself Kit Don't Make Me Poison Your Food by katiekutthroat - Wouldn't it be great hanging in your kitchen? Directly over the stove.

This is sooo very true. Darn you, Ravelry!!

Free, Cry For Help Ecard: At some point, you have to realize there are not enough hours in your life to make all the things you say "I could make that!

String Theory

Sky Cats "My main area of expertise is, of course, String Theory." (Gemma Correll cartoon for Emirates Airlines Open Skies In-Flight magazine)