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They used a supernatural gif too. Life made

from the "make john green find the thing"/i-swear-to-god-he's-really-a-new-york-times-best-selling-author


Where do hot people come from? But England is freezing. We have to supply our own heat.

This is basically me every day

Marvel: The Avengers - Chris Hemsworth . transition from Thor / The Huntsman / James Hunt

Thomas Tumblr

That's just your go-to natural puppy-face Mr Thomas Made Of Butterflies Sanders

This is actually the funniest video ever I watch it

This is actually the funniest video ever I watch it<<<< you need to actually tell them what it's called if you want them to watch it. It's called Studio C crayons, or something like thad

I can imagine he's been in the same position/knows what it's like when a role model ignores you and he doesn't want anyone to suffer the same feelings

OH Benedict.he actually kinda looks like the child that just had their teddy bear stolen