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Start & End Fast

Start & End Fast

less is more ~ I have been trying to live by this for a little over a year now. At first I had a hard time purging my "clutter." Now I am happy to give up something I do not use at least a few times a month. Ebay has become my best friend. :)

And DON'T tell me you can't DANCE!!! As a former dance instructor (Ball-room, Jitterbug, Disco, Swing) I KNOW anyone can dance if they would just let themselves go and listen to the music~! Dancing isn't what others think, but how it makes YOU feel! Patty

I am in love w my fiancé and I love my kids. Hoping sometime my fiancé and I can take a trip to Vegas. Vegas is amazing I have been there a ton of times. Actually have been all over the world w my dad being his own boss it has it's perks!

It's a daily task. Some days, I accomplish taking several steps forward...while other days...I spring backwards! Sadly, this isn't' something easy to control...but I am and will always fight to continue moving forward! Never give up on yourself!