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..years ago guys would have avoided checks fearing it was all too 70's , i'm not saying they've made a come back , it's just STOP associating checks with the 70's! This styles been around since the late 18th Century...

Dylan Thomas-- I will not go gentle into that good night. I will rage, rage against the dying of the light. ( for my dad)

Missing you nathan everyday ..not coping good son without you love mum

#inspiringthoughts Cherokee Native American Wisdom, Love this~ this is posted on a door at my college #inspirational

Great drama! James Garner is awesome! Best tv show of the 70's!

2 years have passed but still i can't believe u are gone dad. love u xxx

deers #WOWparksandzoos #amazingdeer @trainunlimited @prithvirajshiro @premadental

"Walk With Me, Daddy" card for Father's Day. Footprints for both kids.

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