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The Time When I Discovered The Snail Tribe

I found out where the snail were hiding and that there were a lot more of them. I'm still enjoying iZombie. Later that day, I bought a .

The Time When I Created A Video For A Friend

I had to check on the snail situation. It seems to be under control for now. I made a video for a friend of mine and linked it below. I got really excited ab.

The Time When I Figured Out The End Of A Plot

I'm figuring out a couple of plots in my book at the moment, so there won't be an update until next time. The snail situation is suspect and I forgot to end .

The Time When I Showed You The Lanes

I'm really enjoying exploring Eva's transformation. I'll fill you in in the next vlog. That snail made me laugh. It reminded of the snail situation in the ga.

The Time When It Was About Goals And Affirmations

I'm doing a lot better at my singing lessons. It's more fun and I'm learning more things about my voice. I'm taking my time developing Eva's evil side.

The Time When I Had A Great Idea

It was an awesome day and I vlogged my way to work. When I was at work, I had a great idea. I might use it for my book but I'd probably put it on a t-shirt!

The Time When The Snails Came Back For Revenge

Earlier that day, I went out on a 3 mile walk. When I came back home, I noticed that the snail situation got out of hand! That evening, I started watching a .

The Time When I Had A Grey Idea

I had an exciting idea at work about a new character that I haven't written about before. Check out my links be.