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*remebers bon voyage hug when they got each other as roommates* *is happy for the next 22 years*

Jungkook has to be the happiest bunny in the world, that kid deserves it

Sugakookie moment in bon voyage :'^)

Look at jimin in the picture on the bottom right. He looks like he is faking that smile, is he really happy about sugakookie? I SHIP YOONMIN!

OMO I love these two

OMO I love these two

me and my roommate X'DD

me and my roommate X'DD

i don't think these are fake subs << lol me neither it sounds like rap monster XD just the pure irony of the situation

I cried like each time I see this scene and I have seen roommate so many times

The sweat the bond that Jackson and his parents are so wonderful and we should all cherish that and try to have a bond like that with our parents so whenever we see them all we feel is happiness joy and tears welling up in our eyes.

what part about this is friendly

This is adorable but the members find it creepy since they are having to witness this in the dark of the night XD