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"You only like them for their looks" ...... Oh yea that's the reason ily MagCon so much they make me so happy

Jacobs face lol but dude I thought the dude sitting next to cam was GILINSKY.

Yessica,Stephanie,and Vianney @_imagines.edits_ Instagram photos | Websta

Is it bad that I watched the vid that included these lines it was an interview lol

i do not like nash grier at all. plz don't get mad at me for that, it is just my opinion and the reason is he has said many many things that offended me and that I do not agree with. however this is completely true. the whole thing.

Y'all need to leave my baby Nash alone and stop saying he's a horrible person. Y would a horrible person say someone something like this. So honestly forget his past because he has apologized.>>>>> PREACH I AGREE I agree AGREE. LOVE NASH NO MATTER WHAT.

Whoever took this may god bless you Cameron Dallas

10 Photos Of Cameron Dallas That Will Make You Smile!

Hey I'm Cameron I'm 19 and single ! I'm on tour right now with a bunch of friends and my dog jaxx! I love my fans a lot there the reason why I'm here rn!

Ambiente. De nuevo, mostrando parte del medio en el que están (instalaciones deportivas, el campus, su lugar de trabajo, de intercambio, etc). Centrado en la persona cuando son publicaciones de persona. Humano.

Cameron Dallas on

1000 photo Cameron i love you so much. I know you don't know me, you don't know I exist. In your eyes I'm just another fan But I love you, I know you, I know you exist and I care. And to me your my everything.

Cameron Dallas imagine

((Be Cam and\ or Nash)) I giggle softly as i see him and I smile "awww he's so cute" I say into the camera as I talk to Nash.

shawn is s'cute

Shawn the sass master Mendes <<< Louis Tomlinson eat your heart out!