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16 Things Lorde Can Teach You About Music

Lorde told Rolling Stone that during a photo shoot in New York: ‘The photographer kept saying, ‘Pop you hip out. Try to look cute. Big smiles, now’. And I was like, ‘I’m Number One in this country not because I flirt and wink and all that shit,...

Where the fuck where you? Where the fuck are you now? Why did you leave me here when you knew I was dying? Why do you play yourself as the martyr after all is said and done? You fucking coward.

And honey your soul could never grow old, it's evergreen. - Ed Sheeran | Janishka made this with

The Fray <3 I love them so much! <3 there music really speaks to me <3<3 their music speaks to me as well <3 the bands I will be posting have gotten me through my problems <3 & yeah i know a lot of people say that to make it seem like they're a "huge" fan... But me... They actually do <3 they have kept me going <3