An interpretation of Maslow's hierarchy of needs, represented as a pyramid with the more basic needs at the bottom. Maslow's hierarchy of needs is a theory in…

This was made for med students / nursing students and is a helpful overview of infant/toddler developmental milestones (reflexes, motor development, etc)

Phlebotomy Mapping out the Forearm Veins: this helps students who are just learning the art of IV starts.

Important addition to any nurse’s front door

Nurse - Do Not Disturb Decal -- for all my RN friends who work nightshift. PS this applies at ALL times, nightshift or not lol

Cervical Dilation

Cervical Dilation Chart - This is my favorite illustration of cervical dilation. It made me laugh the first time I saw it, and laughter is good in pregnancy and labor. :) I just ordered it for my birth class.

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cna job interview tips 6 Do's & Don'ts for a Nursing Interview: Infographic. Great tips .

150 Tips and Tricks for New Nurses: Balance a hectic schedule and get the sleep you need…Avoid illness and stay positive…Continue your education and keep up with medical advances, a book by Kathy Quan

NCLEX online nursing education for all nurses, all nursing students and healthcare professionals. QD Nurses is the one-stop source for every day nursing!

Informative and entertaining all at once Nursing Humor Ob Nursing Humor >>> never see a bagel the same way again.

My First Speech in Public Speaking 205: a subject that’s really important to me.

Anatomy of anxiety, including goings-on in both the body and brain. Like most powerful states, anxiety is a total mind-body experience! --somehow, reading everything I can about how anxiety and panic work calms me.