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RL_23_GoodCat.jpg Photo by blogofoa | Photobucket

RL_23_GoodCat.jpg Photo by blogofoa | Photobucket

Atrocitus construct by ~waitedesigns on deviantART

Red Lantern Corps by Matthew Waite (~waitedesigns) on deviantART

The basic principles/abilities of the Red Lanterns.

Margaret (parents tried to sacrifice her to earn a ring from Corps invaders, backfired spectacularly, but she didn't want to join the lanterns so wandered away, shadowing Linkara)

Today I learned that there's a BLUE Lantern corps, and that a corgi is (non-canonically) one of its members. And that this corgi makes cutting remarks about how women are dressed in comic books, and is thus awesome.

The Blue Lantern Hope Corgi DEFINITELY needs to be canon. He makes everyone feel better!

Atrocitus (Red Lantern Corps) by Kyle Ritter on deviantART

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Firey Red Lantern Battery by KalEl7.deviantart.com on @deviantART

so continuing the firey theme of the moment heres the lantern corps batteries i created ages ago on fire so enjoy Firey Blue Lantern Battery

Keep Calm Red Lantern Background by KalEl7.deviantart.com on @deviantART

more keep calm lantern corps backgrounds Keep Calm Red Lantern Background