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21 Times Tumblr Users Reported Back From the Real World – Pleated-Jeans.com

i genuinely believe that gilbert would take a college history course and ask if anybody would consider prussia a country anymore and when they say no this would happen, also he would still go to 'catch up' on the history being taught

George Washington Adventures

Sassy George Washington

I lost it at 'diddly damn blue' but died at 'I said no more bully Joel songs' XD

In honor of Black Friday.

In honor of Black Friday.

Fun Black Friday prank - A simple prank that will most likely freak out everyone that is legitimately trying to shoplift

captain capital :) all the puns, best youtube thing ever!

Nice€ of€ you€ to€ show€ up,€ Doctor€ Dollar€ Sign!


Funny pictures about Common Phobias. Oh, and cool pics about Common Phobias. Also, Common Phobias.

I know someone that goes yessssssssss whenever I hug them and thanks me... it's kinda weird but I like hugs and don't want to like denying people hugs, especially when they tell me I'm a great hugger (\_^-^_/)

The creepiest things to say to someone when you give them a hug! Never been so excited to hug someone

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If There’s An Internet Hell, He’s Going There // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

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The Bible says you can't eat shrimp?<<That is your question from this deep post? Well, high five man.