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Always Remember Live if short, Live it. Anger is bad, Let go of it. Fear plays with your mind, Face it. Memories a.

Secrets of Roof said: Aim High Fan said: Be cool clock said: Every min. is precious Mirror said: Reflect before you act Window said: See the world Calendar said: Be up-to-date Door said: Push hard to achieve your goals.

Who/What do you need that makes your life complete? Happy? Fulfilled?

Sometimes you have to take a step back and realize what’s important in your life. What you can live with, but more importantly, what you can’t live without.

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I miss you heaps … but the grave/bed is not so much for you to rest but for us to visit as we need a physical place as well as a spiritual to give our support .

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Post a laugh, have a giggle and most of all it's all for fun. Life is too short not to giggle now and then.

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