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How to Creatively Reuse Wine Bottles

Most wine bottles come with screw on tops now. So this makes it very easy to add old spray nozzles, soap dispensers, or nail some holes on the cap and use it as a shaker. Add a bit of dried lavender.

How to Creatively Reuse Wine Bottles

Tape off, rubber band off or add stickers before painting.

37 Amazing DIY Wine Bottle Crafts

Wine Bottle DIY Crafts - DIY Etched Wine Bottle Dish Soap Dispenser - Projects for Lights, Decoration, Gift Ideas, Wedding, Christmas. Easy Cut Glass Ideas for Home Decor on Pinterest

Beach Lighted Wine Bottle Night Light

Beach Wine Bottle Night Light. Strand of 20 mini lights inside. Hole drilled in back of bottle for cord. Images on the night light are mounted

"Pink Frida" Flower Face Print

Print of original flower face by Vicki Rawlins Read Vicki's Flower Art Statement Hi-resolution print on premium quality archive paper with a matte finish Because of the quality of the original art, More