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Anyone else think the Doctor would team up with the Science Bros? They'd be instant BFFs.

Capaldi might be another favorite...oh who are we kidding, he's totally a favorite

Superwholock ||| Supernatural + Doctor Who + Sherlock. When dean had his family for a year and then Sam came back. He should of came back straightaway so that there was less emotional damage

"I wanted to hear her say, "We are not amused." Bet you five quid I can get her to say it."

One of my favorite Doctor/Donna moments :) Her face in that last pic... Amazing.

Sarah Jane Smith: There's nothing "only" about being a girl. One of the many many reasons I love Doctor Who.

One of the best lines from the Doctor Who Christmas episode..

from Metro

5 memorable teachers in Doctor Who's history

Do you see how he looks at her???? <3 Even dressed as a lunch lady he thought she was beautiful.