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I decided that this year I wanted our Christmas tree to be made of entirely handmade ornaments. The only thing that will be store bought is the white lights. And so I thought it would be fun to w...

Beautiful little ornament, a recycled thread spool with glitter at top & bottom, a strip of sheet music round the center, pearl & tiny gold beads on top & wire strung from bottom, up to curvy, fancy coat hanger-style hook at top for hanging. ~ I love these! I so want to make some, I have lots of music sheets, & these other supplies. Can't wait to get started!

Christmas Ornaments Recycled beer/pop can Santa 1. Flatten can 2. Spray flat side red 3. flesh paint oval face in center 4. Snow-tex around face and up towards nose then a ball for hat. 5. pink for cheeks, black eyes with whith toothpick dab for sparkle, red for nose and "oh" shaped mouth 6. Ribbon through open tab to hang