Una escalera oxidado dentro de una fábrica abandonada en Dresde

Urban decay photography shows the beauty behind deserted places by taking special shots of these scenes. Here are amazing examples of Urban Decay Photography.

Sojourning Soul

TEMPERANCE - tarot card montage fine art photo from statues, cemeteries and dead flowers - unmatted

Victorian stairs

Beautiful victorian cast iron spiral staircase in Kew Gardens, Sussex, England (by Erasmus T).Stairs at Kew Gardens, London, England

Wonderfully designed Gothic styled stairs

Art Nouveau ~~ Lviv House of Scientists, Lviv, Ukraine - 1887 - Architects: Fellner & Helmer, Vienna - Baroque architecture, also known as the Viennese neo-Renaissance style by Gloria Segura

Bermuda doorway in homeless area

worn pastels, building interior, doorway, beautiful decay, patina>Love this look


I captured this old and beautiful stair on my one week visit in Venice The photo is taken direct from camera.

abandoned by carter flynn

Two doors, two windows , that rusty surface and those orange, titian, rusty metal sheets. Love the neglected industrial look.