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Aizu-Wakamatsu ces a cet lieu qui a eu la guerre de Boshin de 1868-1869, qui opposa les troupes shogunales et impériales, il y avait la jeune fille Yamamoto Yaeko (山本 八重子) aussi appelée Niijima Yae et les Byakkotai était formé de 3 compagnies de fils...

TIL of the Sakai incident, where samurais killed 11 french sailors, only to be condemed to ritual disembowelment themselves.


Hitomi Katsutaro holding a muchi (whip), shogunate soldier during the Boshin war he became the Matsumae magistrate of Ezo Republic, after the Meiji Restoration he became a businessman.

Susano and his 3 daughters. Amaterasu, the Sun Goddess and Susano, the Sea God are children of Izanagi, king of the earth and Izanami, queen of the lower world. Amaterasu was designated by her father to rule the upper world. Susano wanted to see his mother in the lower world so badly that he threw tantrums causing damage on the earth. Susano was exiled to the underworld. Following reconciliation between Amaterasu and Susano, 5 sons were born from her beads and 3 daughters out of his sword.

A Japanese Legend of A Heavenly Rock Gate; Amano-iwato

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