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Drifter :Homie Drifter just drifted into Varrio Quien Sabe 1day No one really knows where he came from or where he's been. Some say he was locked up & thats where he got his big push-broom mustache. Other say he lived in the Barrio as a kid, moved up north & has moved back looking for a job. Still others say he's just a bum. No 1 knows where he actually lives or sleeps or gets his money. But one thing's for sure Drifter's always got the sweetest crease in his pants & tees stay whiter than…

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Drister : Homie Drifter just drifted into Varrio Quien Sabe one day.

coretta scott king prays with cesar chavez during his june 1972 fast at the santa rita center in phoenix.

Matt+finish+art+print/+300gsm+postcard.  -----  Tirage+fini+mat/+300g/m²+carte+postale.

evacchi: Can’t hear the patriarchy over the sound of a sweet bass drop right ~~~~~ YEESSSSSS

One of the most famous posters of persuasion is the photo of Rosie the Rivitor, a visual image of the women who worked during WWII, encouraging women to get into the workforce to protect the economy while men were at war.

WWII Patriotic "We Can Do It" Poster by J. Howard Miller Featuring Woman Factory Workers

This is an example of visual persuasion in advertising. This poster was from WWII propaganda and was used to advertise working class women during this time.

Vato Loco - Vato Loco dresses in the clothes of the Pachuco. The Zuit Suiter from times gone by. His estilo (style) is that of the Lowrider from the forties. Yes my dear non-Chicano Homie fans...lowriding goes back that far among La Raza. There were homies lowriding back then in cities like Los Angeles, San Jose, and Stockton in California, El Paso and San Antonio in Texas, and even Espanola in New Mexico. This is where the culture of Lowriding was born. And those that gave it birth...

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Vato Loco - Vato Loco dresses in the clothes of the Pachuco.


I had lots of unpublished sketches so I decided to gather them all in one place. Those on the top are older and while you'll going down they'll get younger > u > Making sketch dumps is really.