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Alfred Kubin Pendulum

amare-habeo: “Alfred Kubin (Austrain, 1877 - Pendulum (Pendel), N/D ”

alfred kubin opere

gorettmisstag: “ son—of-dawn: “ UNKNOWN ” Alfred Kubin - The brood, 1903 sources 1 2 ” reminds me of when my beloved cat heidi had kittens.

Another Alfred Kubin piece that I am ashamed to not know the name of. It features a kingly merman.

venusmilk: “ Alfred Kubin - Serpent God, ” I read a story last night that made me think of this guy.

Is it cold underneath Death's night cloak, or is just me?

The Water Ghost Alfred Kubin Kubin worked mainly in the symbolist and expressionist styles, and was most famous for his watercolors and pen and ink illustrations. His work in oils was limited but this piece gives a taste of his macabre style.

Alfred Kubin  - The last king

frolicfaction: “ Alfred Kubin’s “The Last King (Der Letzte König),” circa 1902 ”

Walter Schnackenberg, The Decapitated Girl and the Bat 1949

Die Rauschtranke, 1949 Escaping over the roof, 1955 The decapitated girl and the bat, 1949 In the mountain gorge, 1949 Good and .