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This is something that I need to keep reminding myself when I lose because I often feel dissapointed and like I let myself and others down.

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im crazy in a normal way;) but not in a screaming manner. just a crazy sense of humor

Funny Nurse Sayings

Funny Nurse Sayings Card

You know you're a NURSE if. you leave your shoes in the garage. you check the caller ID on your days off. you can eat popcorn from a clean bedpan. you always have extra pens in your pocket! So true.

You are beautiful no matter your... body type, sexual orientation, skin color, political views, gender, mental status, religious affiliations. Let no soul tell you otherwise.

My one correction per Patricia, you are "NOT" beautiful if your "Mental Status" is crazy and evil and you go around harming anybody or anything.

so true

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Quotes on life and love are very popular nowadays even if it’s not written by famous people, but mostly written by anonymous. quotes on life and love

Invest in yourself and your health.

Investment rather than sacrifice; remember that is what you're doing. You are investing in yourself to bring out all your greatness! I have 3 months of from work, this is a Great investment Myself :))