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Who would you sit and chat with on this bench? Maybe a loved one who has passed or someone inspirational to you?

Some kids just need someone to listen... - The Meta Picture

Some kids just need someone to listen…

Funny pictures about Some kids just need someone to listen. Oh, and cool pics about Some kids just need someone to listen. Also, Some kids just need someone to listen.

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police dog's last visit to the vet

A heartbreaking photo of the Plymouth Police Department saluting Kaiser, a German Shepherd who had severe kidney disease. He made his final journey to the Court Street Animal Hospital on Friday.

Yup. Fuck fake ass friends

Hey ladies, F*ck Boi crawling back? Drop this bombshell on them: - FunSubstance

"So, what happens if I press this button?" I asked. "Nothing," she replied. I pushed the button, grinning. "It's when you let go that things get nasty."

Don’t push the button.

A sickening feeling blossomed in my stomach as I swallowed over a lump that just formed in my throat. I didn't want to find out what happened when I released the button, but I didn't want to stand there for another eternity.

It's so hard facing Christmas without you and missing you so much. I keep thinking 'this time last year .