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It’s time to dive even deeper under the skin and take a look at the organs that sit at the core of the horse — from the digestive system that processes food to the vital organs like the brain and heart. Continue to expand your knowledge of equine anatomy by taking a bit out of our latest HoofNotes infographic! You can download the full image (or PDF) from our site.

Just when you thought we’d explored just about every part (and layer) of the horse, we’ve found another! We’re back with another Anatomy 101 infographic – this time taking an in depth look at the leg from the side and bottom angles. Continue to expand your knowledge of equine anatomy with our latest HoofNotes infographic! (download a full copy on our website!)

A really good fact sheet from Hygain, print it out and pin it up somewhere in the barn!

Horse Sakura by Majken Soelberg ~ Beautiful gelding "Luis" at Bispebjerg Kirkegård, Copenhagen, Denmark*

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Autumn Gold, a loving stallion with a loving heart. He has a mare named Autumn Star and they are both very beautiful!