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I'm that chick you can take to your mama, to church, to a business dinner, to a cookout in the hood, to the art gallery...

The sound I made sounded half-Tardis. No joke, don't ask.

Because Merlin doesn't understand the meaning of the word "subtlety." Then again, even if you started out grasping it, working with a clotpole like Arthur would probably erode your finer sensibilities.

But guys, this means dan wont get money from his previous videos, bc he swears a lot, I kinda feel bad. Hes gonna have to make a lot more videos now ><

[SET OF GIFS] 6x17 My Heart Will Go On "made me want to smite myself" :)

absolutely true - I feel So Blessed to have learned about animal cruelty. Knowing I do not pay anyone to kill innocent animals for my dinner fills me with JOY!

Celebrating our wins as business owners is so important. It's too easy to get bogged down in the negative stuff. To be hard on ourselves for what's not going as well as we'd like. But the thing is you get back what you put out to the world. So by focussing on the bad things you're attracting that right back to you. Instead if we show gratitude for the good stuff. Truly recognise when things go well really feel that success and gratitude we're tee'ing ourselves up for more. So right here…

I swear if boyfriends had Pinterest, there would be no excuse for breakups ever. They would always know what to do.

I not only love the show supernatural but I also admire, love and respect the amazing cast too for helping me accept who I am and getting me through the difficult times!

Chronic illness ~ The worst thing about this horrible pain is the pain in our hearts that those we loved have all abandoned us, say hurtful things and judge us. It's ripping our hearts out!