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Bobby looks so confused. Aww sammys face! And cass and deans! ❤️ #Amazing

Can this be a thing? Like the boys find a stray kitten and then turns out it's an angel cat? I want this to happen very much

jared padalecki and jensen ackles - Google-søgning

Sammy's puppy eyes are foolproof! Even I would fall for them!, Puppy eyes Don't work on m- Sam: *puppy eyes* Me: *melts* screw you Sam! Why are you so fudgeing adorable!


Dementors would starve if they targeted the Winchester Bros and friends! Which is sad.but this pic is funny, so it's ok for now. I have no happiness

- Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Castiel - Cas is seriously hands down my favorite he's adorable

This may become my new favourite poem

I don't support the whole "Destiel" thing, but this is funny

Awww, Sammy! #Supernatural #Funny  One of my FAVORITE episodes!!!

When some gum gets stuck to Sam's shoe, he tries to scrape it of the sharp edges of a drain and it then gets loose and falls in.HD Wallpaper and background photos of I lost my shoe . =( for fans of Supernatural Quotes images.