Quandong (Santalum acuminatum)... Australian bush food... http://ausemade.com.au/nt/destination/c/central-australia/flora-fauna/flora/bush-food/index.htm

small fruit tree - makes lovely pie filling, jam and relish - when I was a child we would use the stones for marbles.

Australian Bush Tucker Display at Alice Springs Desert Park - Australian Outback Northern Territory Tourism

Gain fascinating insights into traditional Aboriginal life in the Territory and get great tips on how to survive in the harsh desert environment.

Rosehips: are the fruit of rose plants (which are in the same family as apples, etc.), so they are edible and were/are a good source of vitamin C when the larger varieties are not available

When picking rose hips, never take more than one third of a plant's offerings as the birds need the hips for their winter larder!

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As a child, the whole family would go into the bush & gather Quandong fruit to make pies with. It needs a host plant to survive, and has a really tart taste, but is soooo yummy! After two years of searching, I finally tracked one down for my garden.

Quandongs - Australian Bush Food - Nullarbor Travel Guide

Quandongs are a truly unique native Australian fruit. Australian Aborigines highly value the Quandong both for its medicinal qualities and as a source of bush tucker.

ANISEED MYRTLE, Backhousia. edible. native.  can buy from:    http://www.daleysfruit.com.au/bushfood/aniseedmyrtle.htm

Backhousia anisata , Aniseed Myrtle Tree Under garden conditions this makes for an interesting small tree growing to about 8 metres.

The Australian Blood Lime is a hybrid Citrus australasica var. sanguinea (the red finger lime) and the Rangpur lime (Citrus x limona)

Blood Limes are grown in WA, they have a lime grapefruit flavour, about the size of a large cumquat.

Lactuca serriola - Prickly Lettuce - Edible Weeds and Bush Tucker Plant Foods

Lactuca serriola - Prickly Lettuce - Milk Thistle, Edible Weeds in Australia. The milky sap from this plant cures warts. Just dab the sap from a cut off stem or leaf onto the wart times a day for a week or so,and they will go away.