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"All the Voices" Photoshop CS5 Photo Manipulation by JustScience of IN:DEEP Arts - - (stock photography from dreamstime)

"All the Voices" Photoshop CS5 Photo Manipulation by JustScience of IN:DEEP Arts - - (stock photography from dreamstime)

Writing wabi sabi borrows from an old Japanese concept to help your writing productivity and creativity. Learn how to write wabi sabi.

Writing Wabi Sabi

Writing Wabi Sabi - Wabi Sabi is a concept borrowed from the Japanese that has to do with accepting impermanence and imperfection. Applying this concept to writing can lead to a way of seeing the world that results in greater creativity

> > See videos of ravens talking here! (you won’t...

did-you-kno: Ravens imitate a number of sounds, and they can be extremely accurate. Their voices are able to mimic the deep, resonant tone of a man, or the higher-pitched tone of a woman.

The Writing Contests, Grants & Awards database includes details about the creative writing contests—including poetry contests, short story competitions, essay contests, awards for novels, and more—that we’ve published in Poets & Writers Magazine during the past year.

Poets & Writers Magazine has created Literary Places, a nifty database of U. destinations “where writers can visit for inspiration, to promote their writing, for research, and to discover com.

"Anger isn’t the kind of emotion that puts the rest of the world in check while it empowers you; it attacks your vital organs while you stand in its systemically destructive path."

this can be my anger. It can quickly manifest as RAGE! Freaky Photo Manipulations - Surreal Photography by Federico Bebber.

portraits by chisco ferrer, via Behance

Sometimes My Mind Turns On Me! Telling me," There all enemies as am I!" For This Mind There Is No Rest!

20-Year-Old Photographer's Compellingly Surreal Visual Narratives - My Modern Met

20-Year-Old Photographer's Compellingly Surreal Visual Narratives

10 most scary and creepiest experiments conducted in name of science

“ Gateway of the Mind In a team of deeply pious scientists conducted a radical experiment in an undisclosed facility. The scientists had theorized that a human without access to any senses or.

One of the best payoffs off a long hike can be the beautiful scenery you get to see that others never will. An untouched tree, a beautiful meadow, or a pristine waterfall can often be hidden from everyday society’s normal pathways. The world is full of these, and today we’ll take a look at some …

16 Waterfall Pictures That Will Absolutely Take Your Breath Away

Horror Photography. I think I look like this when I just finish cleaning the kitchen, and a family member comes in, looking to make something to eat!

The genre of this novel is horror. Horror is seeking to elicit a negative emotional reaction from viewers by playing on primal fears.

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Yugi start to kill people, so that means yugi not so innocent.