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This dove likes to rest in the kitchen haha

HEY YOU GUYS I HAVE AN IDEA. Maybe we DON'T make stuff like this and we can be happy, y'know. For once in our internet life, MAYBE WE CAN BE HAPPY.

Inspiratie leem wand... Interesse in betonstuc, betoncire, leem, tadelakt, tierrafieno, stucco lustro, mortex etc.. www.molitli-interieurmakers.nl www.betonlookdesign.nl

'Purple Rain' tops list of streaming Prince songs as fans go crazy - CNET What happens when you finally give fans access to stream Princes music on more than one service? They all reach out for something new that means you too. And then they go crazy and punch a higher floor. The late and much-missed Purple Ones music was previously available for streaming only via Tidal but as of this week all streaming platforms made it available. Want the numbers as released by Nielsen…

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