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Like Cas has a golden halo

*faint on keyboard with hand feeling like it’s about to fall off* Misha, your beard stubbles are really going to be the end of me… Commission for Gemwrites who requested a realism painting of Castiel.

#Supernatural11x01 #OutOfTheDarknessIntoTheFire

#Supernatural11x01 #OutOfTheDarknessIntoTheFire

the boyfriend thing cracked me up. I can't... I just... no.... I'm done... I'm done! Good bye!

"stupid boyfriend still thinks he's straight" <- Lol .I don't ship Destiel, but that's just funny

You can't hear it, but Dean is totally humming 'Stairway To Heaven' to himself. Morosely. I cannot help myself. It's a compulsion. I'm not sorry.

No soul-friends for me to lean upon. No soul mate to cheer me up. Sometimes the loneliness is unbearable. That will be the right time for me to sorrowfully go to bed while striving to sleep, so tomorrow I& have a fresh new happy day.

Castiel and Gabriel.   Gabriel needs to make a comeback because Lucifer killed him. Not cool, Lucy, not cool.

I have no idea what their wings are doing its just like Cas having his usual look of cluelessness, Gabriel being gorgeous and perfect and then the wings are like DERP not my own art


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Misha's reflexes are hilarious. How they got anything done in the show is amazing. Lol

“We are very busy, very important people. [x]”<<< Is this footage of Dean coming out of the closet to Cas? << This is the reenactment of that cat GIF!