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I hope I can find a trailer to fit a couple of my cars on. I am moving across the country, but I own three cars. I don't have a other way of getting them to my new home because I can't drive all three.

I've been wanting to start my own garden for quite a while. Ever since I helped a friend on his farm a few years back I've been trying to plan and work towards having one of my own. I'm hoping to start it soon, at least in the next year or so. I guess the motivating factor here is that I just really want to have my own tractor.

My boyfriend's birthday is coming up and I need to get him a present. I think that he would enjoy getting a new pair of boots. Would anyone happen to know where I can find lucchese cowboy boots in New Hampshire?

I am trying to picture what this couch would look like in my living room. I really like the color of it because it matches the rug I own. I think I should be able to get one in a couple weeks.

I have never had problems with eating spicy foods, and I would love to try this sometime. I love eating all kinds of pickles, and I say the spicier the better. I wonder if they have any recipes that you can use these in.

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Holy cow, this is a gorgeous room! The door and the windows are amazing! I love how much natural light it lets in! My husband and I want to add a room onto our house that goes to our backyard patio and garden area. A room like this would be perfect!