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Gotta luv red necks

So you told the Rednecks they could fly the Confederate Flag at the races anymore. Yep you earned this one!

LOL Buy a glass candlestick at the $$$store & glue it to a Ball Mason Jar. Ya gotta luv it!

Here is an awesome DIY project for you. It is a lovely gift...REDNECK WINE GLASSES!

here is an awesome diy project for you it is a lovely gift redneck wine glasses, crafts, mason jars

Oh Uncle Si sooooooooooooooooooooooo funny

If I'm gonna be an elf. I'm gonna be the realest elf these kids ever met." -Si Robertson, best elf ever. I Si!

The Last Thing You Want To See, might as well pay for your large box and get ready to live under ground.

The Last Thing You Want To See

Funny pictures about The Last Thing You Want To See. Oh, and cool pics about The Last Thing You Want To See. Also, The Last Thing You Want To See photos.

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Funny picture of a car racing fan tribute to Dale Earnhardt. A shaved back with the number 3 in this auto race humor photo and redneck comedy pic to see.

Thought I had seen it all..... DEAR GOD!!!

That awkward moment when you can't find your bra, so you just tuck your boobs into your pants. Laughing so freaking hard! This so can't possibly be real! I can't believe it!

Browning Nails♥

Omg! I'm in love

Redneck Randal

three cars that don't move house does Redneck Randal