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Woozi so cute TTuTT then I realized, his armpit is brighter than my future /cries*/

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Caught up

[open w/ red] The voice in my head took over. It had been controlling my actions and my words for the past few weeks. It killed innocents and I could do nothing to stop it. I had finally gained some control and tried running out of my room and call for help, but it held me back and It forced me to the floor. I managed to break a few glasses on the way. I hear someone barge into my room.

That poor, innocent, unknowing woman. It won't last long. BahahahahHH

I don't like to look at pins like this but it is true..Humans!

Kurt Cobain quote in the opening of Beautiful Boy.

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How to Grow a Plum Tree from a Cutting

i wonder if the idiot who made this thing realizes that their god already knows... that he kicked back and watched it all happen because it's part of "his plan".

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fotograf hem

I hope this ball of suger helps you find your way back home ^

How did that get out?... Well it's true... I was his escort. T-that's not weird.... He hated to be alone. So I refused to make him feel that way...

Credit to harblkun Caption of the whole comic: "everyone else fought me" (fought frisk) [pt4] || WHAT WAS IT LIKE BEFORE I SOLD MY SOUL IN EXCHANGE FOR TERRIBLE FEELS

"I've wanted to kill the dark one for hundreds of years. I think I'd remember holding his dagger." #OUAT