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THE SHINING. Poster designed by Jidé.

THE SHINING. Poster designed by Jidé.

"see that girl over there in the red? say 'hi' to her and she's yours, she'll have her legs around you so tight you'll be begging for mercy." "Well, i'll stay away from her, then"

Minimalist Movie Posters by Matt Owen

Big, Tom Hanks--Although. These notes the footprints are on are NOT the starting notes that the actors use during the piano scene.

Easily one of my favorite minimalist posters

"The Usual Suspects" by Matt Owen

Harry Potter is one of my favorite movies. I think it's so popular because it's beyond of people's regular imagination. The concept of the movie is new and fresh to people so many get curious about it and want to watch it more.

Some cool alternative Harry Potter book cover art! Silhouettes are always a good idea!~~~ also could be tattoo ideas! Pick your favorite book.