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Be a better person...I'm not what you would call a bible thumper in the least. I don't even know what God (if any) I believe in. Other than all of the archaic treatment towards women, gays and those that mix fabrics, I do think there are some verses in the bible that explain how to handle certain situations and are true to today. That is what I believe is most important.

This year I pray we would all use our God-given abilities to bring the light, the peace, and healing hope of Jesus to others. I pray 2017 we demonstrate kindness, compassion and love without boundary, while letting the Lord refine us. I pray 2017 we tap our energies into growing in the Lord with an open heart. May you be filled with many blessings on the journey and embrace everything with a grateful heart and live it for Jesus

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32 Of The Most Beautiful Bible Verses

Song of Solomon - You are altogether beautiful, My darling, there is no flaw in you