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Open rp, be Newt, i am the girl) i walked past silently. In the maze i was in, i was the only girl. I noticed you guys looking at me, i blushed and looked at you, you smiled and mouth lip me. 'Meet me outside the dorms tonight' (Credit to the girl warrior)

La Seine, Paris Sunset, France

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In the middle of winter​, ​I discovered ​within myself an invincible summer. — Albert Camus, French author

Always a pleasure to see the Eiffel Tower peeking between buildings in Paris, France

Pardon My F***** - Vaimiti Tragin: Design Illustration Apprendre* les jurons français à l'aide d'illustrations (*aux anglophones)

Un oeuf pour une belle peau

Un oeuf pour une belle peau - J'ai dit oui

Marie les bas bleus - Vous avez dit chirimen