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Fin a reason to SMILE

Just wanted to make a page to show how grateful I am for each and every one of you. Since I express myself better in pictures and phrases, here goes!

Be Kind. No Exceptions - Secret Agent L. This website is awesome! I suggest you read it! I'm an affiliated secret agent!


The perfect wedding day quote! {start the day with a smile & end it with champagne}

Life is too short

Sometimes life is just too short. Remember to Live, Laugh, and Love Everyday of your life!

How to paint letters on signs. The tutorial is in the July 14, 2011 post.

Great for pool wall, paint onto old door My *PINK* Life: Sign Projects

Be Proud. Be Confident. Most of all be Happy

All you have to do is be yourself and live the story that on one else can live - The story of your own UNIQUE life. Be Proud. Be Confident and most of all, be HAPPY. The best collection of quotes and sayings for every situation in life.

Wake up believing


Wake up every morning with the thought that something WONDERFUL is about to happen! via maybelline: “ Let’s start it off right.

Christlike Service - one of the "Come Follow Me" lessons in October

typically I would think I could actually accomplish this task. I think I would change the words now. Today I will smile when others can't.

Don't forget to be AWESOME

When sending their kids out the door in the morning, some moms will say, "Don't forget your lunch! Be good! Make good friends! Learn something new! Remember who you are!" When sending them into the world moms say this "Don't forget to be awesome!

This is my motto for life. If I could stay home and do artsy fartsy things AND make a living at it, my life would be complete.

It's a peaceful place to be in life. Bouvier LOVE this quote. I care about your beautiful things :)

"Anything worth doing in this world is incredibly difficult to do." - Jon Foreman. Love this.

i choose this pin because when you but a lot of hard work and effort in something you treasure it not like getting things with out butting effort to it .when i work hard for something and put a lot of effort in it i fell happy.