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Panicked...just a little

I might have to rewatch this movie now that I've seen Supernatural

Leo valdez and katniss everdeen. Son of Hephaestus and girl on fire (his flames are real lol) heroes of olympus meets the hunger games

this is one of the best fanarts i've seen of annabeth

from Dazed

Exploding iPhone causes third degree burns on teen's body

Me: Leo! Can you come get your burning phone!!! Nico: You realize that if any sane person heard you say that, then they think you are insane now, right?

AHAHAHAHAHA I DID IT! | PJO ALL THE WAYYYY!!!! I've never read Twilight and I don't really plan on doing it xD

Heroes of Olympus, Leo Valdez & Hazel- I just read that today in Mark of Athena!!! Looooove Leo!!

Wouldn't we all?? I've been wanting to throughout all the books!!!


Best nutritional facts of all time