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Joan Crawford helps one of the Three Stooges, Larry Fine, with a jigsaw puzzle. Photo comes from the 1933 film, Dancing Lady.

November 20, 1964 I’m always trying to find absurd vintage National Enquirer covers from the 1960s. They’re mildly amusing and usually make me chuckle. Anyway, I’ve collected a few I’ve found online from various sources and posted them here. Hopefully you’ll find them as funny as I do. I tried to add the dates at the bottom of each cover. If there’s no date for a National Enquirer cover… I simply couldn’t make it out. A lot of these were small jpgs. and the dates were pixelated when I e...

Joan Crawford says: Too many young movie Stars are dirty brats. Well, i wonder what she had said if she knew about todays 'movie stars".


The Three Stooges Scaredy Cats and Cowards

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Exploring the film settings of one of the most popular comedy teams in American history, The Three Stooges: Hollywood Filming Locations documents the sites of the Stooges' most famous Columbia Picture

The Three Stooges : Hollywood Filming Locations by Leonard Maltin and Jim Pauley Hardcover)