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Wet flower macro rain flower outdoors nature drops I love this

Ayari G.

Dew drops and a pink rose.

Photographer Captures Dew Drops On Dandelions Up Close.I adore macro.


Refracting image of a daisy thru a water drop. Gorgeous living waters flower portrait pinned via Lavender and orange yellow together set apart all the floral reflections on each petal.

#وماذا_بعد.....! رسالة إلى الحائط .. أنا لااخاف ولكن كل خوفي من ان اكون ظالماً ( وَاللَّهُ لا يَهْدِي الْقَوْمَ الظَّالِمِينَ )

dewdrops on moss with lilac primrose reflection - photograph by lyn evans:

Moss sporophytes [Setae and Capsules] with reflecting water droplets

Moss sporophytes [Setae and Capsules] with reflecting water droplets


leftover drops, originally uploaded by Steve took it.

Гербера Дейзи Аманда Робертс Люси Джо

Gerbera daisy photograph by Amanda Roberts.


'Raindrops Momiji Flavor' by


Flowers immersed in water - beautiful macro photography; organic inspirations 水中,泡,bubble

A big collection of amazing flowers, surprising shapes and incredible colors. Pure inspiration!

Ranunculus: some orange for our garden board.

flower reflection in dew drops

dewdrops w reflected flowers


Natural light refraction from dewdrops, photograph by Lord V [Brian Valentine]. I am so intrigued by photographs of drew drops reflecting nature. Need to practice my photography more.

Tiny Worlds - Sprouts in Dew Drop - Андрей Осокин

of water dew .Push and chose .Take on traditional heavy dew portends a clear day.Dew formed in calm weather, when the surface of the earth and all things that are in it, begin to cool and radiate heat into the surface.

A drop of bluebell | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

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